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Pretty In Pinkish

Description: Welcome back to PornLoser.com, home of the only stud in the world who can have a beautiful, youthful lady say to him, "I'm a nympho,"and not ask for details. The nymphomaniac in question is Kelsey Michaels, a 5'3" 105-pound deep-throaters from Nashville, Tennessee. In what ways is she a nympho? What are some of her nymphomaniac adventures? If you brush up against her, will her beaver embark juicing? We don't get the answers to any of those questions because the Munched doesn't bother begging them.There are many things we can say about Kelsey. She's sexy, horny, has a gorgeous figure and can indeed deep-throat a cock.There's one thing we can say about the Loser: He got a fresh couch. And it's a beauty!This time, let's concentrate a lil' more on the lady and a lil' less on the Loser. Very first off, Kelsey is a flattie, and a lot of dudes like that. Like we said, she's a highly insane dick sucker, and she does slurps things with her lips during the deep-sucking motion, stuff that cushions the dick hard-on during the up and down motion. Seems that at the youthful age of 18, she's already learned to keep her teeth out of the way, which is something that's stiff for dudes to imagine doing (considering that teeth are, in most cases, affixed to the rest of the mouth). She yells cutely while she's railing the Loser's cock. Her screw boots are a slurps addition to the package, and the Munched is brainy enough to have her keep them on via the scene. Or maybe he didn't realize she was wearing them. Finally, her butt looks shapely and doable in all positions.One more thing about Kelsey: She seems to be allegiance unsuspecting of the cameras. That's a insane thing because in this scene, we indeed get the feeling that we're eavesdropping on 2 people having sex.Kelsey indeed embarks getting into it near the end, and the Munched puts in one of his strapped performances, even nailing her stiff in the piledriver stance before shooting his load. Overall, a insane show.
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